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Keith and me got to know each other on the Triniteitslyceum in Haarlem, run by the Augustins. That would have been around 1964. 

One or two classes we did together, but is was because of our common interest in these three books, initially, that we began to frequent reach other more & more. Both of us were convinced that the teaching was lackadaisical, and more frustratingly, concerned with the wrong topics.

So by and by & on the sly we started out working a more efficacious system or canon for ourselves, which later resulted in the so-called ‘Working hours’ (in the original Dutch: Werkklasjes). An education of six or twelve years could never be enough; not even a lifetime of study and reading could approach the time necessary to get a basic knowledge of all our interests, mainly philosophy and rhetorics.

See for a hilarious description of our activities on the Trinities College some reminiscences of Marten Bushman.

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