Work in Progress

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In this place I have to indicate the books which I am working on.

The first forthcoming volume (september 2016) will be:

-   The Stone Presses A Drop, being the letters written between me and my sister Doeschka Meijsing, a necessary complimentary to the diaries of my sister that have been presented yesterday.

-   OnThe Other Hand / End Times, my long expected new great novel. I wouldn’t dare to indicate a date of publication.  Depends on my means, tools of trade, and a publisher whom I can trust: Van Oorschot or Prometheus?

-   Tragic Heroines, a compilation of my admiration for some famous women with a tragic life.  The list of course could be endless, but in my case it will cover my ruminations of the lives of Lee Miller, Jean Seberg, Marie Trintignant, et alii. All women I love and have learned from.

-   R.I.P. George Gissing, not a biography of this writer I associate with, but a novel of his life departing from his death bed. On the Gissing myth, a thing he consciously proposed. On the life of unhappy writers. On the contrast between writing as an art, and writing for the public.

-   The Art Of Living, a novel based on The Courtier by Baldasare Castiglione and on Wellevenskunst by Carel van Mander. Set in modern times, on Lago di Massacciùccoli.

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